We're a local Brisbane team of people working together to provide you with both the technology equipment and support you require. Many of our services have trial or no-contract options, it's our competent work that keeps you as a client.


Real faces, real people - we're accountable!  Need more security? We've been doing this for 20 years so we can give you some real customers to talk to as references.


Convenience First

Certainly we offer online order processing for your everyday IT requirements. This efficient logistics saves you and your staff time and money. More importantly we have systems in place to assist with renewals and recurring requirements like Internet, Phone, website, licensing, IT servicing and much more.

Consulting Services

Our extensive experience, and knowledge on a broad range of products and solutions allows us to analyse your requirements and present you with costed practical implementation options. We have a 'customer first' attitude, so you know you're only being recommended something that is a best fit for your requirement. 

Project Management

Changing technologies, even upgrading an individual computer system, can impact on your ability to perform your day to day business. Managing and implementing your project with the utmost care and diligence is our expertise.